Allan Dean, trumpet
The Trumpet Studio at Yale

The Yale School of Music has approximately 200 students all with free tuition plus $4000 stipend. My studio is limited to six graduate students. There is work study and some professional work in the area, so most of my students pay little or nothing to go to Yale.

To eliminate confusion, the Yale School of Music is only a graduate school. Although I teach the occasional outstanding trumpet student attending Yale College my job is teaching trumpet and coaching chamber music groups in the graduate school. Yale College undergraduates who want lessons, normally study with my graduate students.

I am on campus two days a week, I see each student for a lesson plus we have a required “seminar” which meets weekly for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This is basically a trumpet class in which we perform and discuss various topics.

Every student is required to be in a chamber music group. We usually have three brass quintets each semester so each trumpet student is in a quintet that is coached regularly by Scott Hartman, our trombone professor, Carol Jantsch, our tuba professor, or myself. In addition I have an early brass group of cornettos and sackbuts that meets weekly. I don’t expect everyone to practice the early brass too diligently unless they are so inclined, but we have the group to introduce our players to the instruments, literature and playing styles. I work with any student interested in the baroque trumpet as well. The school just acquired a new Egger 4 hole instrument and I have several of my own that are available.

The orchestra program is also a top priority at Yale. The orchestra has received rave reviews at their Carnegie Hall concerts. This past year the repertoire included Mahler 2, Firebird, Zarathustra, and La Mer.

Most students come to Yale for the MM Degree.   We also have a MMA Degree if you  already have a Masters and want more study.  Our DMA program is very difficult to get into.  There is a demanding test including history, traditional and 20th C. analysis and score reading. Very honestly not many brass players pass this test for the DMA although I have had two students succeed in recent years.  There is also an Artist Diploma which is a professional level degree aimed at players pursuing a solo career.  This is a new degree and seems to be mostly directed to young professional string and piano players.  For further information on the different degrees contact our Admissions Office and they will send you more and better details.

Although most weeks I am only on campus for two days, I see my students at Yale (with lessons, coachings and the trumpet class) more than at any other school where I have taught. This includes my time at Indiana, Manhattan, Eastman and Hartt.

One more issue is the audition process. We request a pre-screening recording or video with the application. This is becoming more important as the number of applicants has increased a great deal with the free tuition. This year we had over 40 trumpets apply and I had to reject a number of people based on the recording. In future years the recording is going to become even more important as we have a limited number of applicants that we can hear live.